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There's several possible kinds of issues:

  1. Client issues. Please report them to your client bug tracker (for example, qTox bug tracker, Toxy bug tracker or uTox bug tracker).
  2. Packaging issues. If you have troubles with your Tox repository, please report them to
  3. Core issues. They're reported at toxcore bug tracker. Do not report an issue to toxcore if you are not entirely sure whether it's a core issue, prefer to report it as a client issue instead.

Known issues

Friend request doesn't work

Requirements for friend request (FR) to work:

  1. Other side has to be online to receive FR.
  2. Other side has to accept FR after receiving it.

If you are sure that other side was online when you have sent FR, and they did not receive it, please report it.

Antivirus reports problems

There are antiviruses that report Tox as false positive. If you did get Tox from official Tox website, and your antivirus causes problems and is not in the list please say that antivirus causes problems. Additionally, you could report to your antivirus makers that Tox is reported as false positive when it should not be.

Groupchats issues

Unfortunately, current tox groupchats doesn't support saving, moderation or joining without invite. New groupchats will fix that isssues, yet it is still in development.