Frequently Asked Questions

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Tox is by no means complete. You may encounter bugs ranging from simple visual defects to segfaults on file shares. We cannot guarantee what works today will work tomorrow; Tox is an alpha program and code changes daily. Certain commits may break existing APIs, and we strive to give proper advanced warning to all client developers, etc. when such changes will be made. Additionally, Tox has not yet received a full security audit. While we believe Tox is secure against attackers who want to decrypt your messages, you may wish to use a more established solution if you are in a life-or-death situation.

What is Tox?

Tox is a free (as in liberty and price) peer to peer, distributed, multimedia messenger.

Using existing technologies such as dispersed networking and strong cryptography, Tox can provide a superior instant messaging experience than current market offerings. Files can be shared as fast as you and your partner's Internet connection allows, audio calls are instantaneous, and there are no arbitrary limits to how many people you can have in a group conversation.

Tox's goal is to get secure messaging in the hands of everyone because we feel it's necessary in a world where our privacy is often overlooked; which means our efforts are free of charge with absolutely no strings attached. There are no advertisements; you are not the product and absolutely no data is collected from our users. We are here for altruistic purposes, which is why we rely on the community to help us make Tox better.


Where can I get Tox?

It's not done yet, but we're open source, so you can try out our current working version at any time! Remember that it is very likely Tox will have bugs or missing features. Please read the warning ​the top of this page before you begin.

If you just want a prebuilt version to play around with, see Binaries.

If you want to contribute to Tox, or prefer to compile your own, check out Source.

How does Tox Protect My Privacy?

Tox protects your privacy by removing the need to rely on central authorities, concealing your social graph, enforcing end-to-end encryption (with perfect forward secrecy) as the default and only mode of communication, and by making your identity impossible to forge without possessing your personal private key, which never leaves your device.

How do I add Someone?

Look in the profile or settings panel of your client to get your Tox ID which should look something like: 56A1ADE4B65B86BCD51CC73E2CD4E542179F47959FE3E0E21B4B0ACDADE51855D34D34D37CB5

Give yours to your friend and get your friend to add it. That's it.

If you want a shorter more memorable ID, be sure to read and understand the WARNING.

There are various possibilities like ToxMe which make the contact easier - unfortunately at the unavoidable price of lost protection. Even if you decide to trust the service owner, you still access highly unreliable data supplied by third parties. You may call a contact via a name service and recognize his/her face on the screen but you will not know whether someone else is participating in your conversation behind the scenes. In other words, you lose the confidentiality which Tox otherwise offers.

The same applies to sharing/getting the Tox IDs via mail or web pages (https is somewhat better). If you want to embed a link to your Tox ID on a web page or in your email signature, check out Tox: URIs. Go here for more general information on sharing ID's.

What happens when I remove someone?

If you remove someone, they will see you go offline, as if you closed client normally. They can't communicate with you any longer until you add them to your friend list again.

Does Tox have plugin support?

Currently, the only Tox client that supports plugins is Toxygen. However, Toxygen is not as well-maintained as the popular clients, and its development is currently stalled.

Does Tox leak my IP address?

Tox makes no attempt to cloak your IP address when communicating with other users, as the whole point of peer-to-peer is to connect you directly to your friends. A workaround does exist in the form of tunneling your Tox connections through Tor. However, a user cannot uncover another user's IP address using only a Tox ID to find the user in the DHT, the IP address will only be discernible when the users become “friends.” 1

See Also: What is stopping people from tracking me through the public DHT.

Future of Tox

Tox is continuously developed, and at the moment not all features are in place. Here are answers to some of questions ;-)

Multiple devices

Support for multiple devices is planned. More info about possible ways it could be implemented On this Google Doc, it could use a little help please try to add anything you can to it! Including questions.

Can I move profile across devices manually?

Yes, you can. Note though that it should be kept synced by you across devices, and running more than 1 Tox instance at the same time using same profile will lead to bad things™ happening. Nothing critical, but you would experience severe disruptions using Tox, like friends constantly going offline / online, file transfers not working, etc.

How to import / export profiles manually?

New groupchats

New DHT-based groupchats are being developed as part of c-toxcore. This will allow joining groupchats using a ToxID and implementations of new groupchat features.

Real Offline Messaging

Offline messages are planned. For an explanation of the issues involved in Offline Messaging, go here. For ideas about how it will be implemented go here. GSoC 2015 Offline Messaging

Video conferences

Yep. There is still missing a proper design of interface for it, so if you think that you could contribute one, please do so ;-)


For more information about compiling Tox from source, see the Technical FAQ


For more information on the communicating with the Tox community, see community.


For information on troubleshooting known issues in Tox, see troubleshooting.


As an open source project, Tox needs developers first and foremost. Graphic designers are very welcome too. Adventurous users can test and report bugs, translators will be necessary later on to translate stuff, and this wiki could always use another pair of hands! For more information on contributing to Tox, see contributing.