Bootstrap Nodes

In order to facilitate quick connections to other people using Tox, Tox employs bootstrap nodes that each client may connect to in order to retrieve a list of clients currently connected to the pool.

Real time node status

To see the real time status of the nodes below visit

Active Nodes List

Below are a list of active nodes that you can connect to. This list is actively maintained.

IPv4 IPv6 Port Public Key Maintainer Location 2a01:4f8:191:64d6::1 33445 04119E835DF3E78BACF0F84235B300546AF8B936F035185E2A8E9E0A67C8924F sonOfRa DE 33445 A09162D68618E742FFBCA1C2C70385E6679604B2D80EA6E84AD0996A1AC8A074 stal US 2001:bc8:3698:101::1 33445 E398A69646B8CEACA9F0B84F553726C1C49270558C57DF5F3C368F05A7D71354 Munrek FR NONE 33445 F404ABAA1C99A9D37D61AB54898F56793E1DEF8BD46B1038B9D822E8460FAB67 nurupo US NONE 33445 F5A1A38EFB6BD3C2C8AF8B10D85F0F89E931704D349F1D0720C3C4059AF2440A Martin Schröder DE NONE 33445 6FC41E2BD381D37E9748FC0E0328CE086AF9598BECC8FEB7DDF2E440475F300E Impyy NL 2001:6f8:1c3c:babe::14:1 33445 461FA3776EF0FA655F1A05477DF1B3B614F7D6B124F7DB1DD4FE3C08B03B640F Manolis DE NONE 33445 5918AC3C06955962A75AD7DF4F80A5D7C34F7DB9E1498D2E0495DE35B3FE8A57 noisykeyboard CA NONE 33445 A179B09749AC826FF01F37A9613F6B57118AE014D4196A0E1105A98F93A54702 Busindre US 2605:6400:1:fed5:22:45af:ec10:f329 33445 1D5A5F2F5D6233058BF0259B09622FB40B482E4FA0931EB8FD3AB8E7BF7DAF6F Busindre US NONE 33445 CF6CECA0A14A31717CC8501DA51BE27742B70746956E6676FF423A529F91ED5D fUNKIAM LV 2001:19f0:5000:8121:5054:ff:fe1c:9ded 33445 8E7D0B859922EF569298B4D261A8CCB5FEA14FB91ED412A7603A585A25698832 ray65536 NL NONE 33445 0EEBE6304F4B3F6549F39A87FBB45751929F4833BA6AC5F35B6DFA79D01B4523 Kr9r0x GB 2001:1470:fbfe::109 33445 3CEE1F054081E7A011234883BC4FC39F661A55B73637A5AC293DDF1251D9432B fluke571 SI 2a00:7a60:0:746b::3 33445 DA4E4ED4B697F2E9B000EEFE3A34B554ACD3F45F5C96EAEA2516DD7FF9AF7B43 MAH69K UA NONE 33445 6A4D0607A296838434A6A7DDF99F50EF9D60A2C510BBF31FE538A25CB6B4652F WIeschie CA 2a03:b0c0:3:d0::ac:5001 443 CD133B521159541FB1D326DE9850F5E56A6C724B5B8E5EB5CD8D950408E95707 clearmartin DE 2a02:7aa0:1619::bdbd:17b8 33445 5823FB947FF24CF83DDFAC3F3BAA18F96EA2018B16CC08429CB97FA502F40C23 Rotkaermota SE 2a02:c200:1:10:3:1:605:1337 5190 2B2137E094F743AC8BD44652C55F41DFACC502F125E99E4FE24D40537489E32F tastytea DE 2a01:4f8:201:8493::2 2306 7AED21F94D82B05774F697B209628CD5A9AD17E0C073D9329076A4C28ED28147 pucetox DE 2607:ff48:aa81:800::35eb:1 33445 0FB96EEBFB1650DDB52E70CF773DDFCABE25A95CC3BB50FC251082E4B63EF82A ru_maniac US NONE 33445 1C5293AEF2114717547B39DA8EA6F1E331E5E358B35F9B6B5F19317911C5F976 Deliran DE NONE 1813 53737F6D47FA6BD2808F378E339AF45BF86F39B64E79D6D491C53A1D522E7039 D4rk4 RU 2a00:d880:3:2::8bdc:f19 33445 9E7BD4793FFECA7F32238FA2361040C09025ED3333744483CA6F3039BFF0211E tibietigni NL NONE 33445 9CA69BB74DE7C056D1CC6B16AB8A0A38725C0349D187D8996766958584D39340 Igor Novgorodov RU NONE 33445 EDEE8F2E839A57820DE3DA4156D88350E53D4161447068A3457EE8F59F362414 wildermesser CA 2001:41d0:a:1a3b::18 33445 AEC204B9A4501412D5F0BB67D9C81B5DB3EE6ADA64122D32A3E9B093D544327D a68366 FR NONE 33445 188E072676404ED833A4E947DC1D223DF8EFEBE5F5258573A236573688FB9761 umgeher BR NONE 33445 2D320F971EF2CA18004416C2AAE7BA52BF7949DB34EA8E2E21AF67BD367BE211 Skey FR 2a02:f680:1:1100::3313 33445 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If you want a list of these nodes in a more machine-readable format, try using the JSON output provided by

If you are a developer and you are considering making your application automatically download the list of nodes either off this wiki page or, we strongly advise you to cache the list of nodes your application downloads on user side, in order to reduce the number of requests our servers are getting. It's also a good idea to not rely on these lists to be available (e.g. our websites might be blocked by a firewall), which can be solved by shipping your application with a pre-set list of bootstrap nodes and allowing users to add their own list of bootstrap nodes through a user interface.


What is the purpose of bootstrap nodes?

If you are familiar with the concept of DHT, they are your regular DHT bootstrap nodes. If you are not familiar with DHT, then a more detailed explanation follows.

In Tox, every client communicates with other Tox clients, together creating an interconnected network. This Tox network is used to discover other peers in the network and communicate with them, which enables you to send/receive friend requests or get notified when your friend comes online. To connect to the Tox network, a client needs to connect to at least one other client that is connected to the Tox network, from which point it can ask the client it connected to for more clients it can connect to and keep repeating this process to discover more and more clients. A bootstrap node is what a client connects to first if it doesn't know of any other nodes in the network, thus it's required that bootstrap nodes are highly available (are online most of the time), have static IP addresses or use domain names, don't change port numbers, have static public keys and so on. While technically any Tox client can be used as a bootstrap node, the usage patterns of a Tox client by an average user violate the previously mentioned requirements – the user might want to shut down their computer, they might have dynamic IP addresses, their client might be changing public keys, and so on, therefore we need Tox clients dedicated to the task of being used as bootstrap nodes. Because bootstrap nodes would generally run on servers, they are made to have as small footprint as possible – they don't support most features a Tox client supports, they perform only some basic network functionality required for clients to discover other clients.

How do I run a bootstrap node?

How do I get my bootstrap node added to the table above?

  1. Subscribe to the bootstrap mailing list, which is low-traffic announcement-only mailing list for cases when updating a bootstrap node would result in better network performance or toxcore changes DHT in non-backwards-compatible way.
  2. Send an email to requesting your node to be added to the table of bootstrap nodes. Mention the email address you used to subscribe to the mailing list and provide information for the fields of the table. Sample email template:
    Mailing list email address:
    Public Key:

Note that nodes that are offline for long periods of time are subject to removal from the table.

How much bandwidth is required to run a bootstrap node?

Generally it depends on popularity of your bootstrap node.

At the moment of writing this (August 4th, 2016), you may expect 700GiB of total traffic (1/2 incoming, 1/2 outgoing) per month for a very popular bootstrap node, one that was in the table for years and is actively used by many clients. The amount of traffic increases over time.

If you are familiar with software development, there is an interesting idea for a project that would help us quite a bit.

You might have noticed that the process of adding a node to the table above is somewhat tedious: a person running the node needs to subscribe to a mailing list, send an email, someone must review that email, possibly ask additional questions and finally edit the wiki table adding the node. We can get rid of this process entirely. If we traverse the Tox DHT network, we can collect data such as IP addresses, public keys and port numbers of all nodes in the network. Collect that data over time, and we will be able to identify nodes that are online most of the time, don't change their IP address, use the same port and use the same public key, i.e. the perfect candidates for being bootstrap nodes. Make a webpage similar to and show only nodes that are the perfect candidates for being bootstrap nodes. Any person running a bootstrap node long enough will show up on such table automatically, without any interaction required. There is already a project that does something similar – Tox Statistic project similarly traverses Tox DHT network, collects data on nodes in Tox DHT network, and displays it on a web page, but for statistical purposes.

If you are interested in working on this project, feel free to come to our development IRC channel to discuss it. iphy, Impyy, JFreegman and nurupo would probably be the best people to discuss this with.