This page contains links to the most recently built binaries for each Tox client. Keep in mind that these clients are alpha software under heavy development, and are probably not ready for day-to-day use. Because of how significantly the code is still changing, a professional audit hasn't yet been started. You will probably run into various usability bugs, and may even encounter dangerous security vulnerabilities.

That having been said, hundreds of people around the world have devoted time, effort, and resources to the project in an effort to make Tox as secure as possible. While open source projects are not immune to serious longstanding security vulnerabilities, their threat is greatly reduced, as the code is open for anyone to review. Over time, as Tox gets closer to being stable, a proper security audit will be conducted, and the code will be checked thoroughly for any possible security concerns.

To help improve the software, and benefit the community as a whole, please report the bugs you find to the appropriate maintainer. You can find out more about each client (such as who the current maintainer is), by visiting its wiki page in the clients namespace.

For more information about what Tox is and isn't capable of, please refer to our FAQ (and read the warning at the top of the page especially).

Thank you for your understanding, and happy testing!

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