Community Builds

This page lists Tox-related packages and binaries created by individuals in the Tox community. If you'd like to see your builds listed here, ping an admin at

Warning: These builds are not vetted by The Tox Project. You are responsible for your own security, and you should make every attempt to verify the legitimacy of any software listed here before running or installing it.


URL Build Author
Toxic escos
qTox escos
µTox escos
ToxBot escos

Repository source

Open Build Service builds

Tox clients for different distros like: Debian 7/8 (wheezy/jessie), Ubuntu LTS 12.04/14.04 (precise/trusty), CentOS 6/7, Fedora and OpenSUSE.

Click on interesting package name, follow “Download package” link (top-right), choose your distro, follow instructions, enjoy!

Full set of packages (including development libraries, bindings and additional repos) you can find at tox packages page.

Sources on github: tox.pkg