Ricin is a Tox client that focus on user experience.

Repository: https://github.com/RicinApp/Ricin
Web Site: Ricin (website down)
Maintainers: SkyzohKey
Language: Vala
UI Toolkit GTK+3
Operating Systems: Windows (currently staled), Linux, BSD, OSX
Status: Discontinued1)



A conversation over Ricin

1v1 messages, Avatars, Contact blocking, Emoticons, File transfers, File resuming, Inline images, Multilingual, Multiprofile, Profile encryption , Proxy support, Read receipts, Typing notifications, Spell check.

The project is unmaintained.


The Ricin compilation process is described on the Ricin install page.


GNU/Linux users may compile Ricin from sources. Please refer to the Ricin install page.


For more information on how to use specific functions or features of Ricin, please refer to the Ricin user manual (en) (GitHub).

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