jTox is a SailfishOS/Jolla native client for Tox. Currently supports chat only, aim is to create a full featured client.

Repository: https://github.com/Almindor/harbour-jtox
Maintainers: Almindor
Language: C++/Qml (Qt5)
Operating Systems: SailfishOS


jTox was created by Almindor and is currently maintained by him as well.

A conversation over jTox


What Is Currently Working:

  • One to one messaging
  • qTox compatible profile import/export

Current development:

  • Bugfixing
  • Adding file transfer support


You can install the latest version either via the official Jolla Store or OpenRepos

Other clients

The following is a list of some other Tox clients that you may be interested in using.

Popular Tox clients
qTox µTox Toxic Toxygen aTox Antidote