Cyanide is an Sailfish client for Tox. It aims to bring the full tox experience to your Sailfish device, although it's still currently in heavy development. The client is currently implementing the new A/V and groupchat APIs.

Maintainers: Krobelus
Language: C++, QML
Operating Systems: SailfishOS



What Is Currently Working:

  • 1v1 messaging
  • Typing notification
  • Avatars
  • Use more than one profile
  • File Transfers
  • History
  • Sound, LED & lockscreen notifications

Current development:

  • Adding A/V
  • Improving the design of several features


You can install the latest version of Cyanide through the Warehouse OpenRepos client.

Other clients

The following is a list of some other Tox clients that you may be interested in using.

Popular Tox clients
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