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The Tox Project may, from time to time, establish a standing committee to carry out tasks that require input and/or expertise from a broader range of people than just those on the executive board. Committee members have no voting power with respect to votes taken at the project's weekly meetings, but may (at the executive board's discretion) have full power to carry out tasks pertaining to their committee's purpose.

This page outlines each existing committee's purpose, and enumerates its members, together with their individual contact information, as well as the committee distribution list1).

Tox Client Standard

Chairperson Distribution List
David Zero (zero-one) tcs@tox.chat2)

The TCS committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Tox Client Standard, a set of Tox client interoperability and security guidelines. This committee decides how to handle issues on, and pull requests to, the Tox-Client-Standard repository, and ultimately decides the text of the TCS.

The TCS committee maintains its own wiki namespace at committees:tcs

The following is a list of TCS committee members:

Name Handle
David Mackay JXP7
Chuong Vu BlameAliens
Gregory Mullen Grayhatter
Mail sent to a distribution list will be copied and sent to each member on the distribution list
All TCS committee members are on the TCS distribution list