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 ==== Why is Tox killing my internet connection? ==== ==== Why is Tox killing my internet connection? ====
-tl;dr: Your network connection deserved to be killed. +Some routers go offline when using Tox, as they incorrectly track UDP packets ​sent to an ip/port as an individual ​connection, eventually hitting a connection limit and disconnectingThis is partially a core issue, ​and work is being done to mitigate its effect. In the meantime, there is a workaround - **disable UDP in your Tox client**, as this will reduce the number of connections tracked by the router.
- +
-Explanation:​ +
-Sometimes you will have a router or some other network device which does not want to work well with Tox. In factit may outright refuse to work at all, "​dying"​ at your hands. +
- +
-> <​irungentoo>​ the routers dieing is caused by too many connections +
-> <​irungentoo>​ some idiotic routers treat one UDP packet ​sent to an ip/port as one connection +
-> <​irungentoo> ​and keep track of it +
-. +
-> . +
-> <​irungentoo> ​and the reason why hole punching doesn'​t ​work very well on newer routers +
- +
-There isn't a lot that could be done about itbut there is a workaround - you can disable UDP in your Tox clients and see whether it would help.+
 ==== Both Parties must be online for a message to send ==== ==== Both Parties must be online for a message to send ====