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-===== Tox: Hyperlinks =====+===== Tox: Hyperlinks ​for Users =====
-This article ​is a stub.+In addition to copy-pasting(or hand-typing) the Tox ID into your client to initiate a Friend Request, Tox also supports the use of "​Tox:"​ URI's to create hyperlinks which will launch the user's Tox client automatically and copy your Tox ID into it's "Add Friend"​ field(Assuming the user has configured his browser to handle Tox: links with the Tox client). [[clients:​qTox]],​ [[clients:​Antidote]],​ [[clients:​Antox]],​ and [[clients:​uTox]] all support Tox: URI'​s. 
 +==== Composing a Tox: hyperlink ==== 
 +Tox: links are written very similarly to regular web links, magnet links, or many other types of links you're already used to. For example, this is how you would create a link to the Tox groupbot. 
 +<a href="​tox:​56A1ADE4B65B86BCD51CC73E2CD4E542179F47959FE3E0E21B4B0ACDADE51855D34D34D37CB5">​Tox Groupbot</​a>​ 
 + ​| ​      ​| ​  ​| ​                                                                            | Link Text. 
 + ​| ​      ​| ​  | Target Tox ID 
 + ​| ​      | Tox URI scheme(Note,​ no //) 
 + | Open <a> tag 
 +That's it.