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 [[users:​Import_Export| Import / Export]] [[users:​Import_Export| Import / Export]]
-==== Persistent ​groupchats ==== +==== New groupchats ==== 
-Persistent ​groupchats are being developed as part of the groupchat overhaul which is being undertaken primarily by Jfreegman. The work is nearing completion and the github branch can be found [[https://​github.com/​JFreegman/toxcore/​tree/​new_groupchats|here.]]+New DHT-based ​groupchats are being developed as part of [[ https://​github.com/​toktok/c-toxcore | c-toxcore]]. This will allow joining groupchats using a ToxID and implementations of new groupchat features.
 ==== Real Offline Messaging ==== ==== Real Offline Messaging ====