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   * [[irc://​chat.freenode.net/​utox| #utox]] — uTox development channel. [[https://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=#​utox| Freenode Webchat]] [[https://​kiwiirc.com/​client/​chat.freenode.net/?​theme=basic#​utox| KiwiIRC]]   * [[irc://​chat.freenode.net/​utox| #utox]] — uTox development channel. [[https://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=#​utox| Freenode Webchat]] [[https://​kiwiirc.com/​client/​chat.freenode.net/?​theme=basic#​utox| KiwiIRC]]
-==== Groupbot ==== 
-There'​s a groupchat kept up by the Groupbot. To be invited there, add 56A1ADE4B65B86BCD51CC73E2CD4E542179F47959FE3E0E21B4B0ACDADE51855D34D34D37CB5 to your contact list and send "​invite"​ to the bot. 
-If you want to run your own groupbot, consider using [[https://​github.com/​JFreegman/​ToxBot|ToxBot]]. 
 ==== Twitter ==== ==== Twitter ====