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 ===== Changing nospam ===== ===== Changing nospam =====
-Support for changing nospam via UI.+Support for changing nospam via UI. NoSpam is a small part of a Tox ID that can be changed with an explicit action from the user to prevent friend request spam, if the client supports it.
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 ===== Proxy support ===== ===== Proxy support =====
-Proxy support can be http or socks5 ​(or both)+Proxy support can be HTTP or SOCKS5 ​(or both). For an example of a proxy configuration,​ see [[users:​tox_over_tor_tot|Tox over Tor]].
 +===== Message splitting =====
 +If client supports message splitting, a user sending a message larger than the maximum size means the message will be split into several separate messages and sent as normal.
 +===== Faux offline messaging =====
 +Faux offline messaging is a partial support for [[users:​offline_messaging|offline messaging]]. ​ If client supports it, it is possible to message offline contacts, in which case the message will be stored by the client and sent immediately once both contacts are online.